About us

Eight years ago my daughter was diagnosed as a Coeliac.

Coeliac disease was not new to me as my Mum had been diagnosed as a Coeliac in her 50s.

Although I knew about the disease and had always been careful to avoid cross contamination when my Mum visited, actually living day to day with a Coeliac meant as a family we had to change our habits in the kitchen. 

Initially we separated and labelled gluten free foods but the more I read about advice regarding cross contamination the more I thought it best to separate further and ensure any visitors could easily identify the gluten free food.

Through trials and cries of “don’t eat that!”, “don’t put your spoon in that!” and “don’t use that!” we tried various ways to organise and label.

After stickers and tape falling off in and out of the dishwasher and the worry that my teenage son may not notice the sharpie pen writing, I began to think of clearer more permanent ways to identify and prevent cross contamination.

I also know that it can be a concern for family and friends when getting together for BBQ’s, parties or meals. The slightest mix up can cause a reaction but can be avoided.

As for places to eat out, it need not be a concern with organisation and clear labelling.

(Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes cross contamination can be prevented....contact me to discuss further.)

The turning point came when my son went off to university in September 2017. I looked around at the shared kitchen with horror! I started to look ahead for my daughter living with others as a Coeliac and how to make it easier for her and others to identify her gluten free foods and utensils without constant worry.

The time had come to start putting ideas into reality!

Several months later back and forth with logo and product designs, Keep It Gluten Free has finally taken shape.

Thank you to The Two Sarahs in Southampton who have been fantastic working with me to find the perfect logo and continue to work on designs for my new ideas.

The journey so far has been quite a learning curve but at least our home is now a vision of tagged and labelled organisation!

I am excited about taking my business forward and I hope that you find my products can help you. 

If you require any further information please contact me.

Thank you